Tripura: 24 Murders, 12 Rapes In A Month

Law & order of Tripura become a matter of concern as the data provided by opposition CPIM in their very latest statement. In a statement CPIM mentioned that law and order in the state has totally collapsed. “Murder, unnatural deaths, rape of women and gang rape are on the rise. In May alone, there were 24 murders, 12 rapes and 39 unusual deaths, according to a government spokesman. It also alleged that many murders are being treated as Suicides” the CPIM mentioned. “Despite the clear promise of the Chief Minister in the Legislative Assembly, a fascist attack has been organized on the leaders and activists of the opposition political parties and the elected representatives,” the CPI-M further alleged. Now matter of concern is that if these data is right than definitely the state is becoming a heaven for the criminals. Although it’s may be politicaly motivated data as the CPIM is in opposition but still, neither government nor ruling BJP has come forward to counter or clean up these data.

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