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Tripura: 4 More Eklavya Schools Gets Central Nod. Report

The Central Government has given green signal to set up four more schools out of the seventeen Eklavya residential schools that have been sent fresh proposals by Tripura Government.

According to the report fund from the Center will arrive soon in this regard. The new four residential schools are to be establish in Lefunga, Mohanbhog, Kanthalia and Ganganagar. It is to be noted that in the past, there were only four Eklavya schools in the state.

Following the 2018 reshuffle, the first BJP-IPFT coalition government in the state proposed and demanded, the central government has sanctioned the establishment of seventeen residential schools.

Out of these seventeen schools, construction of eleven schools are under process.

Meanwhile, the construction work of a school in Ambasa has been completed and classes have already been started.

Construction work in Korbook will be completed this month. The construction work in Rupaichhari will be completed by next month. Construction of Academic Building in Hejamara will end next October.

Out of the eleven schools under construction, five are under construction by CPWD.

A construction company of Manipur is working on the construction of four schools. The remaining two are being constructed by the Tripura Housing Board.

It is reported that the construction of the remaining six Eklavya residential schools will also be started soon.

In addition to the earlier sanctioned seventeen Eklavya schools, subsequently the State Government sent a proposal to the Government of India for the sanction of seventeen more schools.

They are Lefunga, Raisyabari, Mohanbhog, Ganganagar, Kanthalia, Jampuihil, Dasada, Pecharthal, Shilachari, Matabari, Jolaibari, Satchand, Charilam, Teliamura, Gaurnagar, Amarpur and Damchara.

Of these, four schools gets the green signal to set up.

It is learned that for the construction of the earlier sanctioned seventeen schools, the Central Government has paid Rs. 24 crore for each school at the primary level. A total of Rs 45 crore will be provided by the Central Government for each Eklavya Residential School.

It is known that where there are more people living in the tribal areas, the Indian government also wants to build Eklavya Residential schools in those areas.

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