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Tripura Added 46 Covid19 Deaths During 6-12 September With Highest Fatality Rate In NE

Tripura added 46 covid19 deaths during 6 September to 12 September. Tripura just reached in 200 covid 19 deaths mark. With 2.79% fatality rate west tripura district registered more than 100 covid 19 deaths. According to the tripura government’s covid19 official website, case fatality rate is 1.67% in the state. This is the highest covid fatality rate in entire northeast india. Meghalaya is in second position with 1.22% covid fatality rate. Sikim is on third position with 0.86% fatality rate. With 0.76% fatality rate manipur is on fourth pisition. Assam and arunachal stands on fifth and sixth position with respectively 0.41 & 0.23% fatality rate. Nagaland is on last and safest position with 0.21% fatality rate.

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