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Tripura Assembly Election: Left-Congress Jointly Appeals Voters

In a clear sign of the growing proximity of opposition parties to forge a common anti-BJP front, six top opposition party leaders of Tripura on Tuesday made a joint appeal to the ‘peaceful and democratic’ voters of Tripura to rise above all party barriers, the ‘anti-people’ of Tripura Policy, faith, creed, caste and community will have to be given a tough fight to oust the BJP government from power.

The important joint statement was signed by CPI(M) state secretary Jitendra Chowdhary, CPI state secretary Judhishthir Das, PCC president Birjit Sinha, RSP state secretary Deepak Deb, Forward Bloc president Paresh Sarkar and CPI (ML) secretary Partha Karmakar.

The statement said that after coming to power by misleading the people with false promises, the BJP has created an unprecedented situation in Tripura by destroying democracy, normal political life, bulldozing the opposition and suppressing all legal, constitutional and fundamental rights.

“As long as the BJP is in power, the state will continue to suffer from the oppression of the BJP and all development work will come to a standstill; many people have lost their livelihood and many have been displaced from their homes and hearths and even farmers in different areas. Crops are also being destroyed by fire” said the opposition parties.

It said there has been an unprecedented spurt in crimes against women and ‘jungle raj’ continues as the police shirk their responsibilities and fail to perform their professional duties. And without considering the provisions of the law, police is working as a slave of the ruling party.

Stating that the peaceful and democratic people of the state can no longer tolerate such a situation, the signatories to the joint statement appeal to the people to join hands, rising above all affiliations and identities, to end the BJP’s misrule in Tripura.

The statement also asked the police to respect the dignity of their uniform along with their professional duties.

It also appealed to the Election Commission to take stringent steps to ensure peaceful and smooth election and voting process so that people can exercise their franchise smoothly and peacefully.

The joint statement issued by the opposition parties has given a new dimension to the pre-poll realignment of forces as it clearly indicates that the parties will reach an understanding and seat-sharing arrangement for the upcoming elections.

Jitenendra Chowdhary had earlier stressed on all parties coming together on common issues before starting talks for an electoral understanding.
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