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Tripura Assembly: Not Allowed To Discuss On Deteriorating Law And Order: Opposition Walks Out

At the beginning of the tenth session of the 12th Tripura Assembly on Friday, CPIM MLA Sudhan Das was the first to raise questions about the deteriorating law and order situation in the state. 

But the speaker Ratan Chakraborty did not wanted to hear any question from the opposition bench on this matter. Speaker said that the Chief Minister will address the issue after the question and answer session in the assembly.

But the opposition did not want to hear anything from the Speaker. The opposition bench including the opposition leader walked out from the Assembly on Friday. Later a press conference was held on Friday afternoon on behalf of the opposition CPIM. 

Leader Manik Sarkar said that “MLA Sudhan Das had raised questions at the beginning of the session about the deteriorating law and order situation in the state. But the Speaker rejected it”

“The question was about the deterioration of law and order throughout the state. Attacks on opposition are being brought down severely. Opposition parties leaders in the state are being targeted by the ruling party. People’s representatives are not able to go to their own areas. These are completely vindictive incidents”

“The Chief Minister who is also the Home Minister were asked about these. We asked to discuss on this important issue seriously. Because democracy is under attack, law and order is at an all-time low. Common people are under threat. Jungle raj prevailing in the state”

“These were asked at the beginning of the session. But the Speaker said that the chief minister will discuss the issue at the end of the session. But where the opposition’s questions are being not allowed, how the chief minister will discuss. Opposition questions were not discussed” 

“So the walkout has been done. And it became clear today that the Speaker could not played his rightful role. If the Speaker wanted, he could have listened to the opposition first. But did not listened. There is no right to speak even inside the assembly. They are not even listening opposition” Opposition leader Manik sarkar said that they had to walk out. 

He also said the information presented by the Chief Minister in the Assembly was not correct. 

“Because a lot of information is not coming out. Police are not conducting a proper investigation. Many bodies are said to be suicides as soon as they are seen by the police. But the incidents are not being properly investigated” said Sarkar

“Tripura has the worst law and order situation in the Northeast. Sarkar expressed concern over such criminal incidents. He said there is no work, no food. People are being attacked by again and again. BJP promised before the Election. But have not kept any of its promises in three and a half years”

“As a result, people are being forced to come out on the streets. Now people are protesting. Even the ruling party has attacked itself. Unable to handle the situation, the government has issued section 144. Manik Sarkar expressed that it is a matter of great concern” added leader of the opposition.

Beside this Sarkar also said that the 5 left parties to support the Bharat Bandh on September 26. Manik Sarkar also hints that there would be no member of the opposition bench on the second day of the assembly session on September 28.

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