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Tripura-Bengaluru Bound Humsafar Express Narrowly Escaped In Tamil Nadu

Tripura-Bengaluru-bound Humsafar Express narrowly escaped. Humsafar Express and a local luckyely stopped before collision on the same track. 

The incident happened around 3 pm on Monday. It is known that Tripura-Bengaluru Humsafar Express witnessed a dangerous incident about ten kilometers before on its way to Parambu in Tamil Nadu state around 3 pm on Monday. 

The incident could have been the second Baleshwar.

Humsafar Express and Local train came on the same track. Panic spread among the passengers. 

The two trains stopped before they collide. Almost thousands of passengers were saved. 

Due to controlling the speed of the train, the terrible accident did not take place. 

Former TTAADC chief executive member Radhacharan Debbarma, former MLA Pranab Debbarma were traveling in Humsafar Express. They were on their way to attend a conference . They were supposed to land at Parambur. 

Due to the caution and awareness of the drivers, major accidents did not occur.

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