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Tripura By-Polls: CPIM Demands Immediate Removal Of ARO

CPI (M) has demanded removal of ARO of Boxnagar from election duties. The party alleged that model code of conduct violation report revealed biased position of the election officer towards the ruling party.

CPI (M) State Secretary Jitendra Choudhury demanded that the complaint of violation of election code of conduct against the BJP candidate of that constituency by removing ARO should be re-introduced by another honest and dedicated officer.

The CPI (M) state secretary has sent a complaint letter to the chief election officer of the state in this regard on Thursday.

Jitendra Chowdhury has reacted strongly to the reply sent by the District Magistrate of Sepahizla district to a complaint of violation of the code of conduct. The District Magistrate’s letter referred to a report by the ARO of Boxnagar.

He sought clarification from the election authorities as to why they are trying to protect the BJP candidate from the allegations of violation of the model code of conduct despite the clear evidence.

Incidentally, on August 20, the candidate of the ruling party of Boxanagar center violates the election code of conduct by holding a campaign meeting with government madrasa teachers. Newspapers have published news about this along with pictures.

On behalf of the opposition CPIM, complained of violation of the model code of conduct has been registered with the election authorities.

Reference is made to the Assistant Returning Officer’s report in reply to the District Magistrate’s complaint.

In the investigation report of the incident it has been mentioned ARO Anish Debnath takes step to shield the ruling party candidate from the allegations.

Choudhury has sent a complaint against the officer to the CEO citing the way in which the ruling party’s candidate has been hidden in the report to suppress the truth.

Jitendra Chowdhury said in the complaint that despite attempts to hide the candidate of the ruling party, the person was present in the madrasa teachers’ meeting. It could not be denied.

The picture published in the newspaper clearly shows the candidate of the ruling party speaking on the microphone at the meeting with the banner of Madrasah Teachers’ Association in the background.

Despite this, how did he report that the candidate of the ruling party was present at the meeting but did not speak in that meeting? The CPI(M) State Secretary clearly said that the report of the ARO is not reliable, but there are fears that there are some politically biased officers like Anish Debnath in the Election Department who are leaning towards the ruling party.

In view of this, the CPI(M) State Secretary demanded a re-investigation of the violation of the Code of Conduct by an honest and dedicated officer and immediate removal of the ARO.

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