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Tripura Celebrates Bengali New Year 1430

Bengali New Year-1430 is being celebrated across India on Saturday (April 16). 

On this day, the New Year is celebrated with various events throughout Tripura also.

From the morning, common people of Bengali Hindu religion performed Ganesha Puja at home, & business establishments.

Others start their business afresh in the new year by performing Halkhata Puja at other temples including Lakshmi-Narayan Bari Mandir in Agartala the capital of Tripura.

So from morning the crowd of pilgrims were there from temple to temple. As the day goes on, the crowd increased.

Every year on New Year’s day fairs are held in different parts of the state.

Accordingly there was fair also outside the temple centering Pohela Boishak in Agartala.

Similarly, other places where Boishakhi fairs were organized have also seen large gathering.

On the other hand, there is a common saying among people that on the first day of the year one should eat good food and wear new clothes. 

So on the first day of the year, from fish, meat to sweet shops, it was see an overflowing crowd. 

Agartala’s Maharajganja Bazar, Battala Bazar, Lake Chowmuhani Bazar, Math Chowmuhani and other markets gathering were seen in large numbers. 

The prices of fish, meat and other vegetables were relatively high on that day.

At this time, Hilsa fish lay eggs, so Hilsa has been coming from Bangladesh for the past few years. Due to the issue of hilsa fish laying eggs, the conscious people of Tripura state do not buy hilsa fish on Pahela Baisakh. However, some people still eat hilsa during this festival, so traders are selling hilsa fish from the Arabian Sea from Kolkata and Maharashtra. 

Government of Tripura also opens counter for selling Hilsa fish at subsidized rate statewide.

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