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Tripura CM Criticized Congress, CPIM In Agartala Rally

“In the three and a half decades of misrule by the Left, people did not have much choice. Congress was an option. But, they never tried to live up to people’s expectations. The people of the state had to be cheated again and again. Congress has repeatedly played the role of a shelter for Aya Ram Gaya Ram leaders”

This is what the Chief Minister said while addressing the officials at the mega gathering organized on the ground of Netaji School in Agartala on Sunday.

This joining meeting was organized by the initiative of Town Baradowali Mandal.

The Chief Minister spoke on various issues in the chief speaker’s speech. He fiercely attacked Congress and CPIM. Without naming , he made MLA Sudip Roy Burman and former MLA Ashish Saha the main target of the attack. He spoke on the issue of their constant party change

He said, their characteristics are similar to life cycle of cockroach. Congress today, BJP tomorrow, Trinamool the next day, Congress again. Their life cycle will continue like this. No one knows what will happen in the future. People believed in them. Getting tickets is the main target for them. People will come spontaneously if they get tickets. That’s their idea.

Chief Minister also identified CPIM as the real enemy. The Chief Minister said that terrorism, murder, rape, arrest and transfer were the routine of 35 years of Left rule. Along with that, he warned the party workers that disorder using democracy in the name of movement will not be tolerated. Efforts should be made to prevent communist culture from entering the BJP.

Dr. Saha said the previous government’s debt burden of 13 thousand crore rupees is the present government’s problem. They again claim to do everything within a year, which is somehow impossible.

The Chief Minister on this day called upon the party leaders and workers to work with the spirit of service for the society.

He also urged people to fulfill their social responsibilities by being by their side in happiness, sadness and danger.

And BJP officials have to do this work, he said. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also wants this with all his heart. People will support BJP if they do good work. The real thing is to rise above politics and work in the interest of people. The government is working to overcome all obstacles for the overall development of the state. The government is working towards making ek bharat srestha bharat, ek tripura sreshtha tripura and one Mandal Shrestha Mandal. The Chief Minister also urged the party functionaries to work on this policy of support with relations.

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