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Tripura Congress Attack Govt Over Poor Electricity Service, Vidyajyoti Project

Tripura Pradsh Congress said on Monday, without mentioning name of present power minister who was education minister earlier , that ‘he failed once in the education department and another time in electricity. Why is he still not resigning? Resignation would send a good message across the state”.

Congress also said that electricity has now become the biggest problem in the state.

Why are the 73 schools that were added to the Vidyajyoti project in Bengali medium not able to give exams in Bengali medium now? Congress also raised this question that day.

Congress also demands necessary steps in this regard.

In a press conference organized at the Pradesh Congress Headquarters, Agartala, Congress leader Partha Acharjee said, even if the students did not knew at the beginning, but now they come to know after a year that they will not be able to give the board exams through Bengali medium. What kind of stupid decision is this?

He said that the then education minister (Ratan Lal Nath) had told to present this state as a model in terms of education.

Pradesh Congress leader Partha Acharya, however, said that States like in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala are conducting their own board exams. But they are ahead in terms of education.

For example CBSE is operational only in the states of Andaman and Nicobar, Chandigarh, Arunachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Delhi, Goa, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir. But where is that progress in comparison?

He said that nothing but false propaganda is being done by talking about CBSE in the Vidyajyoti scheme.

He also highlighted the issue of thirty percent drop outs in class IX and X along with shortage of teachers in various schools in the state. He also said that 15 of the 25 degree colleges in the state do not have principals.

PRTC is mandatory and vice versa in practice. Starting from various government departments, these are also going on in government-owned companies. He said that only one notification has been canceled in the case of recruitment of engineers of PWD. On the other hand, starting from the electricity department and the only dental college in the state, PRTC is not mandatory.

He also said that only Rs 355 crore of the previous budget remained unspent only in the Public Work Department.

But the ministers are busy with games, fairs and rallies without paying attention to these aspects. As a result of the movement of Congress student organization NSUI on the issue of PRTC, the police arrested a total of seven fake PRTC certificate collectors from Shalbagan area on Monday morning.

In the press conference, party spokesperson Prabir Chakraborty also strongly condemned the state government over the PRTC issue.

He said that the decisions passed by the cabinet and even the assembly session are not being implemented.

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