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Tripura Congress Demands The Reason Behind Biplab Deb’s Resignation

The Tripura Pradsh Congress wants to know the secret behind the sudden resignation of Biplab Deb.

Addressing a press conference at TPCC Headquarters Asish Saha the Congress leader who resigned from the BJP and joined Congress, said:

“The whole state should be told clearly why Biplab Deb resigned from the Chief Minister post”.

“In the last four years, various immoral, unconstitutional and undemocratic activities have been taking place in the state. Biplab Deb has also been removed from the CM Post, which was demanding by well-meaning people and various political parties of the state. Even the BJP leaders and workers also raised the slogan remove Biplab save the state” said Saha.

“But the central leadership did not listen to it, nor did it take any action. On the contrary, Narendra Modi, Amit Shah blessed Biplab Deb” added Saha. 

“The government has failed miserably. Because workers-farmers, employees, Youths are angry with this government. The only way out is to establish the Congress” said Birjit Sinha, president of the state Congress. 

Under the direction of the all-India leadership of the Congress, a public awareness campaign will be launched in all the state, districts and blocks of India from June 15. And in this program, it has been said that every person should go from house to house and do public relations. Birjit said the state Congress leadership would carry out the program. 

The Congress will launch a movement in the coming days to protest against the current situation. Mr Sinha said there is anger in farmers, workers and youth.

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