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Tripura Congress Paid Tribute To Rajib Gandhi On Death Anniversary

Along with the nation Tripura Pradesh Congress also remembered former Prime Minister of India Rajib Gandhi on his 31st dath anniversary.

A program was held at the Pradsh Congress Headquarters where tribute was paid to the formar Prime minister. All the state leadrs including TPCC President Birjit Sinha was present in the program.

“Rajib Gandhi secured peace in Tripura and Mizoram. He brought the terrorist groups into the table of discussion. Not only in the country but also out of the country Rajib Gandhi wanted to secure peace. He sent Peace force in Sri Lanka to restore peace in that country” said Sinha.

Tripura Pradesh Congress also organized a blood donation camp centering the day.

Rajib Gandhi, who got the distinction of being the youngest Prime Minister of India, was born on 20 August 1944 in Mumbai. His father’s name was Feroze Gandhi and mother’s name was Indira Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi was a pilot by profession and had no interest in politics. After the death of brother Sanjay Gandhi in 1980, Rajib Gandhi entered politics in 1982.

In 1985, Rajib Gandhi became the seventh Prime Minister of the country by winning a huge vote . Rajiv Gandhi was a powerful and efficient politician. He died on this day on 21 May 1991 in a suicide attack. He was posthumously awarded the Bharat Ratna by the Government of India in 1991.

Rajib Gandhi, who served the country as Prime Minister, was the last member of the Nehru-Gandhi family to reach such a height in politics. Before joining politics, he was a pilot by profession. Rajiv was not interested in politics like his maternal grandfather and mother. He had also tried a lot to study engineering before becoming a pilot, but he did not like being limited in bookish knowledge.

After studying in London, he went to Trinity College, Cambridge. Even after studying there for three years, he did not get a degree, then he enrolled in mechanical engineering at Imperial College in London, but he did not feel like that too. After this he started training as a pilot in Flying Club of Delhi and started his career with Air India in 1970.

When he entered politics in the 1980s, his image was that of Mr. Clean. Rajib was also popular and spotless due to his studies abroad from the beginning and reaching such a height in national politics at the age of less than 40 years. However, in the future, after his name in many big scams, this image of his got tarnished.

Rajib Gandhi is probably the only Prime Minister of the country, who used to drive his own car many times and go from place to place. Many a times, Rajiv Gandhi himself used to drive his own car to the election rallies. The security guards had to keep fast following them.

The date was 12 May 1991. Preparations for the Lok Sabha elections were going on in the country. On that day, a rally of former Prime Minister VP Singh was to be held in Madras (now Chennai) of Tamil Nadu. Shivrasan was also present in this rally. Sivarasan had returned to Chennai from Sri Lanka in January 1991. In that rally, Shivrasan also took Dhanu, Shubha and Nalini with him. The purpose was that he could practice garlanding the former Prime Minister by going to the security circle. Before VP Singh entered the stage, Dhanu and Shubha garlanded him. This practice was done to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi. 

After 7 days, on May 19, the election program of Rajib Gandhi was printed in the newspapers. From this Sivarasan came to know that Rajiv Gandhi was coming to Sriperumbudur on May 21. Sivarasan asks Shubha and Dhanu to be ready for their ultimate cause. In the early morning of 21 May, Dhanu planted explosives on his body. After this, Shivrasan took Dhanu and Shubha with him in an auto and reached Nalini’s house. 

After a while everyone reached the rally venue of Sriperumbudur. Rajib Gandhi was just about to arrive. After some time Rajiv Gandhi also reached there. Then Dhanu asked Shivrasan and Shubha to leave from there. On the pretext of wearing a garland, Dhanu reached Rajiv Gandhi and then there was a loud bang. After some time when the smoke dissipated, there were dead bodies, blood, screams and tears all around. 

A total of 18 people, including Rajib Gandhi, were killed in this blast. Along with Dhanu, Hari Babu, who was involved in this conspiracy, also died. Hari Babu was present here as a journalist and his job was to take photographs of all the events. The mastermind of this entire massacre was Shivrasan.

Today 31 years are being completed for Rajib Gandhi assassination. This was such a massacre, which shook not only the country but the world. 

The terrorist organization LTTE ie Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam was behind the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. 

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