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Tripura Congress Stages Agitation Protest Statewide Against Hike Of Power Tariff

Agitation protest has been staged in front of the Tripura State Electricity Corporation on Wednesday against the increase in electricity fees by Congress.

Such agitation protest has been organized in all the district of the state.

“The state government imposing a burden of financial liability on the common people. This allegation protest has been staged by the District Congress statewide” said the party.

On this day in Agartala, a rally came out in front of the Tripura Pradesh Congress Headquarters and traveled various routes and demonstrated in front of the Electricity Corporation office in Agartala.

Our demand is immediate withdrawal of power tariff decision. Because due to this anti people government common public is already suffering a lot” said the party.

Notably government already increased power tariff by Rs 5-7 per cent.

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