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Tripura Congress To Field Candidate In LS Election

Tripura Pradesh Congress Committee President Ashish Kumar Saha is going to attend the All India Congress Committee meeting to prepare for the Lok Sabha elections. 

Addressing reporters on Sunday, the state Congress president said the Congress wants to fight the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. 

He indirectly expressed his anger on the Congress-CPIM alliance in the state. 

Commenting on the results of the recently held by-elections to two assembly constituencies in the state, the state Congress president said such results were not expected. A stark difference has been observed in the by-elections held in other states of the country and the by-elections held in Tripura. Elections on two assembly constituencies in Tripura have been turned into a farce by the ruling party. 

Saha said that just 6 months ago, the candidate of the opposition party had won the Boxanagar assembly seat by a margin of more than 5,000 votes. But this time the defeat of the candidate of the opposition party by a large number of votes in the by-election cannot be accepted in any way. 

He commented that such a picture has been observed because the by-election has turned into a farce. On this day, he indirectly criticized the left. 

He said that it is not enough to fight only for the sake of election. If you want to fight in the election, you have to fight like a fight. 

The state Congress president said that the Congress party did not field candidates in the by-elections for the sake of India alliance. 

He also commented that CPIM could not fight in that way in the by-elections. The Pradesh Congress President expressed the opinion that it was necessary to fight the elections more actively with everyone. 

He said people’s mistrust of BJP has increased in this state. It should be used properly. 

On Sunday, state Congress President Ashish Kumar Saha gave a clear message to the media in the Lok Sabha elections of these two states The Congress party wants to fight in the seat itself. 

He also indicated that he would raise the issue in the All India Congress meeting.

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