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Tripura Congress To Hold ‘Satyagraha’ On April 8. Demands Action Against BJP MLA JL Nath

Regarding the Cancel of All-India Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s MP post and the incidents of terror following the results of the Tripura polls, analysis was held at the Tripura Pradesh Congress Bhavan on Sunday against.

From the block presidents to all Congress candidates of the recently concluded assembly elections were present there.

 In a press conference organized after the meeting , Pradesh Congress President Birjit Sinha said that in the meeting it is decided to organize satyagraha and non-violence program in Agartala on April 8. The movement rally will be start from the Congress Headquarters. 

He said that an extended meeting will be held on April 16. Besides, satyagraha and non-violenc, programs will be organized in every district. Congress programs will be held on April 17 at Kailashahar district headquarters, April 20 in Agartala and April 23 in Udaipur. The BJP will be defeated in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections and a new government will be formed under the leadership of the Congress. 

On this day, he made a direct attack against the terror and said that there are more reasons behind taking the programs. After the poll results in Tripura, the state Congress president urged the party leaders and workers not to get depressed and prepare for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. He firmly said that if there is a change in the government at the center, the collapse will come first in the North East. BJP announced a two-year sentence against Rahul Gandhi in a lower court under political conspiracy. And hastily stripped of Rahul Gandhi’s membership. Finally, the central government ordered to vacate the bungalow. As a result, all the opposition political parties are going to unite. 

On the mater of terror, he said after the results of the polls, the BJP has organized incidents of political terror starting from arson in various parts of the state.

” Houses, agricultural land, rubber plantations and vehicles were set ablaze resulting in many casualties. Congress will not sit if it does not play a role in maintaining the atmosphere of peace in Tripura” he said to the government. 

He said that Congress will call for resistance. Criticizing the government, the state Congress president also said that this government has not given any opportunity to discuss the issue of terror in the assembly session. So it became clear in the assembly session that terror is going on in the state of Tripura with the connivance of the ruling party.

Meanwhile Congress also demands removal of BJP MLA Jadav Lal Nath from Tripura Assembly accused for watching porn clips during Assembly Session.

“if BJP have minimum values than they must take action against Nath” said Birjit Sinha.

On the other hand Congress MLA Gopal Roy demands Judicial inquiry against the accused MLA Jadav Lal Nath.

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