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Tripura Congress To Organize Protest Against National Monetisation Pipeline

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Thursday announced the National Monetisation Pipeline NMP scheme. The BJP led central government has decided to raise Rs6 lakh crore by selling several airports, railway stations and national highways through this scheme. 

Tripura Pradsh Congress strongly opposes such a decision by the government. Protesting against the NMP line, the Pradesh Congress will organize protest program”. Tripura Pradsh Congress president Piyush Kanti Biswas told in s press conference on Friday afternoon. 

He said that “in the 70 years since independence, the Congress government has built a lot of resources for the poor and common people of the country. And this wealth was built by the countrymen. These resources have been developed one after another in the country through the sacrifices of the people. And these resources were nationalized by the Congress government.  

But Narendra Modi led BJP government, established in the country, thinks these are the way to run a business. So he is going to sell all the resources of the country. In the midst of the financial crisis, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel has built a statue worth Rs 3 lakh crore. 

Where poor people of the country are suffering. But it’s a matte of wonder that the Narendra Modi government has no role in building these wealth, how are they selling these property? Thus, the government has decides to loot the people by selling one asset after another. Private players like Adani, Ambani are taking over these assets. 

So that the BJP can fight the election in exchange for money. Even where the people of the country do not have a roof over their heads, the Prime Minister is building luxurious buildings. They are looting people all over the country in the name of Ram temple. After independence, the country became self sufficient in last 70 years. 

Most surprisingly, the government plans to sell Delhi’s Red Fort and West Bengal’s Haldia Port also”  “People need to be aware about all these things and must protest against BJP. So there is no other way but movement” adďd Biswas.  He also said that Ajay Kumar, who is in charge of AICC Tripura, will arrive in the state on August 30. 

Will hold Meets on August 31 with Sadar District Congress, Bishalgarh District Congress, Sonamura District Congress, Udaipur District Congress. A meeting with the leaders of Khowai District Congress, Ambasa District Congress and other district congresses will be held in Ambasa on September 1. 

The meeting will discuss the organizational issues of the state. The main goal will be the 2023 assembly elections. He also clarified about his resignation from the state president, saying that the main reason for his resignation from the post of state Congress president was the BJP.

He lost his morale and sent his resignation letter to the All India Congress President, Sonia Gandhi, thinking that she become failed to remove BJP from power. Later, Sonia Gandhi promised to co-operate to oust the BJP. 

Piyush Kanti Biswas said that he got a lot of courage after receiving this assurance from Sonia Gandhi. He is proud after such assurance. 

 The Congress has been ousted from power in the state for last 26 years due to the party’s critics calling it a drama. Other leaders including former minister Lakshmi Nag were also present at the press conference. 

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