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Tripura Covid19: 118356 Tests Were Conducted On September. Only 66 Thousand On October

Tripura health department dangerously reduces covid19 tests. On September it was 118356. But on October it was only 66 thousand. On November the testing graph going downward. Testing of all people for SARS-CoV-2, including those who have no symptoms, who show symptoms of infection such as trouble breathing, fever, sore throat or loss of the sense of smell and taste, and who may have been exposed to the virus will help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by identifying people who are in need of care in a timely fashion. A positive test early in the course of the illness enables individuals to isolate themselves – reducing the chances that they will infect others and allowing them to seek treatment earlier, likely reducing disease severity and the risk of long-term disability, or death. Since it is recognized that nearly half of all SARS-CoV-2 infections are transmitted by people who are not showing any symptoms, identifying infected individuals while they are presymptomatic, as well as those who are asymptomatic, will play a major role in stopping the pandemic. Tripura health department has the capacity to conduct average 6000 covid19 tests per day. But significantly its now only average 1500 per day. When a communicable disease outbreak begins, the ideal response is for public health officials to begin testing for it early. That leads to quick identification of cases, quick treatment for those people and immediate isolation to prevent spread. Early testing also helps to identify anyone who came into contact with infected people so they too can be quickly treated. Meanwhile tripura registered Total 347 covid19 deaths as on Tuesday with 1.13 percent fatality rate. Overall Positivity rate is 6.69 percent where in west tripura district it’s almost 10 percent. According to the government data recovery rate is above 95 percent.

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