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Tripura CPIM Celebrates Birth Anniversary Of Karl Marx

Like other years, the birth anniversary of the great philosopher Karl Marx was celebrated on Friday May 5 at the CPIM Tripura state office Agartala. 

On the occasion of Marx’s 206th birthday anniversary , CPIM party leader Jitendra Chowdhury and other leaders paid tribute by placing wreaths on his portrait.

Then discussing Karl Marx in detail, Jitendra Chowdhury said that Marx wanted to create a society free from exploitation.

“His views on socialism, communism, and the nature of business shaped the political outlook of the 20th century and continue to influence political and economic debates today” Said Choudhury.

“The core of his ideology is that power is not only personal or institutional, but it is social and economic. He used to tell that the basis of the society is on the people who do their work and not on their people. Therefore, he stated the need to struggle to meet the needs of all sections of the society” he said.

“Marx’s theory of historical materialism held that economic and social conditions are the primary drivers of historical change. He argued that societies have developed through a range of economic systems throughout history, from feudalism to capitalism. According to Marx, capitalism is the final stage before the emergence of communist society”.

“India should be committed to building an exploitation-free society under his direction” Choudhury added.

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