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Tripura CPIM Demands By-Polls In Two Constituencies Under Security Of Central Forces

By-elections in Boxanagar and Dhanpur assembly constituencies must be held under the supervision of central security forces.

Besides, on the day of the by-poll on September 5, web casting should be arranged inside and outside each booth of these two constituencies.

Opposition CPI(M) made this demands after attending an all-party meeting called by Chief Election Officer Punit Agarwal on Wednesday.

Haripada Das and Samar Adhya, two representatives of CPI(M) participated in the discussion and raised several issues to make the polls free, fair and peaceful.

This all-party meeting was held in State Civil Secretariat on the by-election of Boxanagar and Dhanpur assembly constituencies.

At the outset, Chief Electoral Officer Punit Agarwal said the by-elections to the two constituencies in the state will be fair.

He informed the representatives of the political parties about the measures taken by the commission to make it free.

CPIM Demands

Both constituencies are adjacent to Bangladesh border. The border should be sealed literally till the end of the election so that those inside the state who want to turn the election into a farce cannot in any case use any group of miscreants on the other side of the border to do so.

Elections are to be conducted under the supervision of Central Security Forces. Although the central force will work under the state police. The election officer should see to it that it is used properly for free and fair elections.

As by-elections are being held in only two centres, past experience has shown that the ruling party has turned various elections into farces by infiltrating criminals from outside the constituencies on a large scale. So that this does not happen again, the Election Officer should take the challenge in this regard.

A few days before the election, central forces must sent to the constituencies.

The fear of voters should be removed by road march.

Wave casting should be arranged inside and outside each polling station. To ensure the effectiveness of wave casting during voting, precautions must be taken against any attempt to disrupt them.

Impartiality should be adopted in granting police sanction to campaign programs of various parties.

Every political party especially the ruling party should be forced to follow the code of conduct. Since the advertisement in various newspapers and electronic media published by the state cannot be banned in the election district Sipahijala, advertisements promoting the success of the government in these media should be stopped during the elections.

The meeting was attended by two representatives each from BJP, Congress, Tipra Motha and IPFT .

A representative was present on behalf of CPI. Besides, Additional Chief Election Officer Usha Jain Mugg and other officials were present on behalf of the Election Department.

The Election Commission of India on Tuesday announced the schedule for the by-elections of Boxanagar and Dhanpur assembly constituencies.

According to the announcement, the official notification will be issued for the by-polls of these two constituencies on Thursday, August 10.

With that, the acceptance of nomination papers will begin. Acceptance of nominations will continue till August 17.

All nominations will be scrutinized on August 18. August 21 is the last day for withdrawal of nomination papers.

Voting will be held on Tuesday, September 5. Counting on September 8. The entire election process will be completed by September 10.

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