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Tripura CPIM Demands Immediate Withdrawal Of Property Tax Hike Notice

Recently the Agartala Municipal Corporation has increased the property tax. The Left Front has raised voice against this decision. 

In a press conference on Sunday, Left Front convener Narayan Kar and CPI(M) leader Manik De demanded an immediate withdrawal of the property tax hike notification. 

On this day, Manik Dey said that people’s incomes are the same. However, the tax burden is constantly increasing. As a result, the life expectancy of the daily laborers is increasing. 

He said, it is not possible to increase taxes in one jump like this. This tax has to be increased by taking into account every factor. So CPIM is opposing this tax hike notice. 

He said there was no information on the basis of which the tax hike was done.

Narayan Kar, who was present in the press conference today, said that the Municipal Corporation has increased the property tax by keeping the people of Agartala asleep. It has also been informed that fines will be levied if the increased wealth tax is not paid. 

He said that during the current Sharadotsav season people have no work. In this situation property tax has been increased several times. 

Kar has demanded an answer from the state government and the municipal corporation that why the tax has been increased by so many times. 

He also said that the roads are broken at different places, the drainage system is stuck , there is mosquito infestation in the AMC area. But AMC the has no activity in that direction. 

He said increasing taxes without considering the amount of people’s property is a crime.  CPIM demanded immediate withdrawal of the property tax hike notice.

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