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Tripura CPIM Launched Door-To-Door Campaign Against BJP’s ‘Good Governance Propaganda’

Opposition CPIM launched door-to-door campaign against the ‘propaganda’ of BJP’s ‘Good Governance’ in Tripura.

Krishna Majumder, the defeated candidate of 6 Agartala Assembly Constituency, held a house-to-house campaign in Ward No. 50 of Barajala Assembly Constituency at 6 am on Sunday and expressed her concern about the current situation.

Convince the people that the condition of the state is not good. “No one even has the right to speak. After lapse of five years, when elections are approaching, BJP is going door to door making leaflets with false information” she said.

“It must be protested. It is not allowed to sit inside the house in fear. And tell the people of the poor section that the BJP government is giving 5 kg of rice but the previous Left Front government also provided rice to the poor people at Rs 2 per kg. And now by offering five kg of rice, BJP government increased the price of petrol, diesel and various items including cooking gas. People are now realizing that the BJP and IPFT coalition government was formed because of their mistakes and their so call good governance is nothing but a propaganda” said the CPIM leaders.

The election is just month away. CPIM urged people not to establish this BJP government.

Meanwhile Krishna Majumdar later said that people have seen this government for 58 months. They did not keep any promises. The government came to power on so many false promises. Even today, BJP is trying to mislead the people. And these things are brought up to the people after going door to door. People have started making preparations so that this government cannot be re-established.


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