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Tripura CPIM Remembers Birchandra Manu Martyrs

“It would be a mistake to think that the situation after 2018 is similar to the situation after 2023. The situation is changing in the state along with the entire country. So we have to proceed by evaluating the wrong . The family members of those who died for the party are still in the Left Front. The children of their families should be placed in the leadership position of the area and build the environment and take the party forward. And vow to restore democracy. Only then will there be true respect for the martyrs. Otherwise, remembering one day in a year is not a real tribute”

CPIM Polit Bureau member Manik Sarkar said this while addressing party leaders at Bhanu Ghosh Smriti Bhavan Agartala on Thursday was held centering Birchandra Manu Martyrdom day.

He paid tribute to the martyrs and said that those who are in leadership positions in various organizational committees of the party should come forward first. They will guide the supporters of the party. You may also be attacked for this. But we have to fight together with people. Along with this, democracy should be brought back with the people. 

He said that this is the matter of taking an oath today. He said that in 2023, the BJP has secured only 40 percent votes in the assembly elections. And a tribal organization secretly cooperated behind the BJP. And now they have launched an all-out attack on the people of the state as well as the entire country. For this you have to move forward with confidence to come out of it.

And people have to come out. If not, he expressed the opinion that they will face difficulties in the coming days. 

Attacking the Chief Minister in harsh language, Manik Sarkar said the ruling party is now ashamed as the recently concluded by-elections have broken all the records of the previous days. They have broken all records in history by looting votes. But shameless Chief Minister! He went to Boxanagar and pressed his chest. But this Chief Minister himself retained his seat by false vote. By bringing youths from Shantibazar, Mohanpur and Ranirbazar, he himself won the poll with fake vote. There is no reason for people to be surprised to think that he will be the leader in the role of the government. This is how the former Chief Minister and Polit Bureau member attacked the Chief Minister. 

On the other hand, former minister and leader of CPIM party Badal Chowdhury said that the incident of martyrdom of Birchandra Manu caused a huge reaction in the entire state.

It was a struggle to change society at that time. Then the Left Front was established in Bilonia with people’s support. But since that time, the struggle of the Left Front is still going on. Because democracy is in danger. Obstacles are going on all around so that the Left Front cannot reach the people, Badal Chowdhury said.

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