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Tripura: Dengue, Malaria Increased Statewide. Central Team Arrives

Even during Sharadotsav, the people of the state are not getting relief from the outbreak of diseases. Dengue outbreak has hit the plains. Malaria has become deadly in the hill areas.

GBP and IGM, the state’s two major hospitals in Agartala, are crowded with dengue and malaria patients. Usually most of the hospital beds are empty during this festive season. But this time there is an exception.

According to sources, dengue has taken such a shape in the west tripura district including Agartala that 100 percent of those who are being sent from the health centers to the two largest government hospitals in the state are receiving positive dengue reports.

From last July 27 to October 19, 1923 dengue positive patients were found in West Tripura District . NS-1 test is done in health centers. The accurate test for dengue is ELISA test only in big hospitals. In many cases, it is alleged that patients are not being sent to hospitals even after receiving positive reports in the NS-1 test. special

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In the details of the incident, it is known that Durga Puja ended in his shop this morning. Harkumar Das, the shop owner, was selling the time. That’s when Jitendra Das Sango, the leader of the ruling party, replied to him about Panga

A large number of patients have been found in some areas including Ramnagar, Jogendranagar of Agartala city, Mohanpur, Bamutia, Anandnagar on the south-eastern outskirts of Agartala etc. Some doctors in Ramnagar area have warned people about dengue in their local slums. But there is no official initiative to deal with dengue.

There have been serious allegations that efforts are being made to suppress the dark side of the disease outbreak, especially in the light of Shardotsava. There is no activity from the government or the municipal corporation.

Burdened with huge taxes, the Agartala Pur Nigam has done a feat like kicking a hawker in the stomach in the eviction drive ahead of Sharadotsav. But they don’t seem to be worried about public health in this dengue attack. As a result of this negligence, doctors fear that the impact of dengue in Agartala will increase.

On the other hand, in the remote areas of Khowai district and Dhalai district, malaria has been reported in every house. In the Dhalai district alone, more than ten thousand people are reported to be suffering from malaria.

Malaria is rampant in hill tribal townships of Ataromura hill tribe in Teliamura sub-division of Khowai district. At the same time Badlabari ADC Village of Tulasikhar Block area , there is also an outbreak of malaria in the area.

There are reports of several people suffering from malaria. The situation is so dire that a team of experts has arrived in the state to inquire about malaria issues.

Officials of Khowai District Health Office along with a team from Delhi have investigated the cause of malaria in the Ataromura hills.

Simultaneously, door-to-door malaria testing has been started. Simultaneously, door-to-door malaria testing has also started in Dhalai district. The way malaria is spreading, if it is not brought under control immediately, it could take a serious form, fearing health department officials and representatives from Delhi.

Timely delivery of health services to malaria prone areas. Especially in the remote hilly areas of Dhalai district and across the Ataromura hills of Khoai district, the death may start in the hilly areas if health check-ups and essential medicines are not regularly provided to the people. In every hilly area of ​​Dhalai district almost every house has malaria patients. It is reported that at least 15,000 people have been affected by malaria across the state.

Similarly, it is reported that there are good number of dengue patients in different districts of the state. Especially in South District, Gomati District, Sepahijala District and West District, dengue prevalence has increased drastically.

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