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Tripura: Family Fell Sick After Having Wild Mushroom. Child Critical

Five tribal men and women with children fell sick after having wild mushroom collected from the forest. 

The incident took place in old Lembutali area of ​​Dhariathal village under Charilam block, Sepahijala district, Tripura. 

According to the details of the incident, the head of the family brought mushroom from the forest on Sunday morning and gave them to the housewife for cooking. 

After cooking as usual, everyone in the family eats those wild mushrooms.

Two or three hours after having the wild mashroom, members of the whole family started getting sick one after another. 

Immediately they were brought to the nearby primary hospital. After the primary treatment, the doctor on duty Rhea Debbarma observing their condition as critical she referred them to the GBP hospital Agartala from the primary hospital. 

The doctor said that five people in the family are sick. All the sick people have abdominal pain and headache. 

Those who are sick are Sanjit Debbarma, Angelina Debbarma, Menuka Debbarma, Shampa Debbarma and Biplab Debbarma. 

The doctor said that among them, the physical condition of the baby girl Angelina Debbarma is critical. 

This incident has created a lot of tension in the area.

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