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Tripura Fire and Emergency Services Act 2022 Has Been Enacted: Deputy Law Secretary, Tripura

The Tripura Fire and Emergency Services Act 2022 was enacted on April 26 with the consent of the Governor of Tripura.

Swapan Chowdhury, Deputy Secretary, Tripura Law Department, said in a press conference at the Civil Secretariat on Friday afternoon. 

Addressing the press he said:

“Earlier a law was enacted. That was the West Bengal Fire Service Act. It was ad hoc in 1982. None of the amendments made since then have been adopted. As a result, there were some problems in the Tripura Fire Service Department in the last few days”

“The level of security in people’s homes and businesses is inadequate and flawed. In order to solve that problem, approval was sought from the central government next time” said Chowdhury.

He said that now Fire NOC can be taken online. No one has to go to the office for this. And work will be on time. 

He said that no officer can delay the work even if he wants to. He further said that special importance has been given to this law through building rules. 

“And the National Code states that fire NOCs are mandatory for homes over 15 feet. That work must be completed within 28 days” said Deputy Law Secretary.

He further said that for disaster management, training will be imparted to form a force in rural areas with first class personnel including 1000 civil defense personnel.

“So that the situation can be dealt with during a major natural disaster” he added.

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