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Tripura: Four More Covid19 Deaths Pushes The Toll To 758

On the fourth day of August, a total of four persons were died to their Covid-19 infection and the daily surge of COVID-19 cases with detection of the Delta variant’ of Coronavirus has detected 262 more posi
tive cases in past-24 hours from eight districts of the state.

While, after brief halt, the deaths due to Covid infection has continued during the last two days, the state has witnessed six deaths, but the pos
itivity rate of the state has again downed to 2.96 % in the past 24-hours, which has been recorded at 3.59 % on Tuesday.

While, the positivity rate of the worst affected areas of Agartala Municipal Corpora
tion (AMC) has remained in alarming condition and it has been recorded above 5 % in the past 24-hours, which has been recorded at 5.87 % on August 2nd.

After a record number of deaths in the past three months during the second wave of Covid jnfection the state has witnessed zero deaths during the past two days of August, but in the third and fourth days of August, a total SIX persons died from their Covid infection.

A total of 365 persons have died due to their Covid infetion in the past 96 days during the second wave of Covid inftion and with 74 deaths in thirty one days of July, the Covid death toll now stands at 758.

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