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Tripura Gears Up For Laxmi Puja

In the heart of Agartala, anticipation is building as devotees prepare to celebrate Laxmi Puja this Saturday.

Devi Laxmi, the revered goddess of wealth, is the focus of this auspicious occasion, and Hindu house- holds across the country are gearing up for grand worship ceremonies.

The city’s excitement is palpable as thousands of exquisitely crafted idols from all corners of the state make their way to the bustling Lake Chowmuani market.

Most of these exquisite idols hail from Melagarh and Bishalgarh, infusing the market with a vivid array of cultural diversity. Prices for these intricately detailed idols start at ₹350, drawing enthusiastic buyers who have already begun flocking to the idol shops.

According to one idol seller, who has brought hundreds of these precious creations from Melagarh, the demand is already high, and he anticipates an even greater rush .

The city is holding its breath in anticipation of the main event on Saturday. Beyond the idols, vendors have begun setting up stalls offering a variety of essentials, fruits, and beautiful flower garlands in the heart of the markets.

As Laxmi Puja is on tomorrow , the heart of Agartala resonates with the fervor of devotees and the vibrancy of this cultural celebration.

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