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Tripura Govt Hikes Kerosene Price From ₹ 36 To ₹ 41 Per Liter Amid Covid Situation

After Petrol & Diesel now hike of Kerosene price directly affecting the lower and lower middle class of Tripura. Kerosene is used by ration card holders for cooking and lighting purposes. Now Tripura government hikes Kerosene price from Rs 36 to Rs 41. ” Even in the last month also price of the Kerosene in the ration shop was per liter Rs 36. But now the price hikes to Rs 41 per liter. Daily wages worker like me depends on Kerosene. If price hikes in this way how can i survive?” asks Suniti Bala Saha, a resident of Abhaynagar on Monday. ” Government already stopped providing Masoor Dal in PDS System since from February last. Now Kerosene also become more precious. Such decision affecting common people. Government must think on this” said Himangshu Sengupta, a retired employee from Ramnagar. Notably the government has eliminated subsidy on poor man’s fuel kerosene through small fortnightly price increases and the fuel sold through the public distribution system (PDS) is now priced at market rates. The Union Budget for 2021-22 makes no provision for payment of subsidy on kerosene in the fiscal year beginning April, according to budget documents tabled in Parliament last. The price hikes have almost gone unnoticed and barely evoked any comments from the opposition, which has only voiced concern over rise in petrol and diesel prices.

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