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Tripura Govt To Close 61 Information Centres Out Of 69: Report

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Government of Tripura decided to close down 61 of 69 state-run information centres from next month reportedly. This decision evoked a serious reaction in the state. Besides opposition parties social and professional organizations demanded the government to roll back the decision. In a circular last week ICA Department asked the district information officers to issue closure of all the information centres except for eight district information centres from March 1. The information centres were established by the previous government aiming to disseminate information to the public and to develop the habit of Newspaper reading among rural habitants. “The government has decided to close down the information centres as it’s observed that hardly people are going to read newspapers, Magazines, and Journals at present. Most of the people in rural areas are using smart mobile phones to get access to information world and reading habits have also drastically gone down” claims ICA officials.

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