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Tripura Govt To Take Step Soon For Green Hydrogen Production: CM Saha

“Tripura is going to join the revolution in the energy sector in the country. The Tripura government will also start thinking of green hydrogen production on the path shown by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Basically, green hydrogen production from bamboo was discussed at the G-20 summit today. Hence, Tripura will step up green hydrogen production as soon as the central government orders” Tripura Chief Minister Professor (Dr.) Manik Saha said this in a press conference on Monday.

Incidentally, the G-20 summit has started in Tripura from Monday. About 150 delegates participated in the summit. On this day, the Chief Minister said that the G-20 summit has started in the country under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Efforts are being made to spread the message of Indian culture through the summit.

According to him, the G-20 Summit has started from December 1, 2022 based on six themes. This year the summit will continue till November 30. He said that 200 meetings and seminars will be held in 56 places across the country as part of the G-20 summit. Tripura is also fortunate to be a partner in that summit. 

According to him, the summit is being held in Tripura based on the theme Clean Energy for a Greener Future. 

According to him, there is a lot of potential in using bamboo in Tripura. In this regard, Vietnam can be a model for Tripura, that has also been discussed. 

He claimed that the chief secretary of Tripura has been instructed to collect information from Vietnam. In that, it will be possible to build a bamboo based economy in Tripura.

He also added that green hydrogen production in Tripura will also be emphasized. That discussion gained importance in the summit. According to him, gas based and solar power is being generated in Tripura. Wind based power generation is not feasible in Tripura. But, the potential for green hydrogen production using bamboo is discussed separately.

He said that the Central Green Hydrogen Policy has been introduced with the aim of becoming economically strong. 10 thousand crores have been allocated in the budget. As a result, Tripura has also started thinking of participating in the revolution in the energy sector. 

He claimed that 107 mega watt electricity is being produced in Tripura. In that, 10 MW of solar power is being generated. Now Tripura’s economic progress will be targeted through green hydrogen production.

According to him, the Tripura government will take step on green hydrogen after November 30 if the center orders. Thus, by the end of 2022 or early 2024, Tripura will think ahead on its revolutionary journey, he said.

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