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Tripura: High Demand Of Hilsa In ‘Jamai Sashthi’ Festival

The Jamai Sashthi of the Bengali Hindu festival is chosen to bless and entertain the son-in-law. This festival being celebrate in Tripura also.

This year Jamai Sashthi festival is scheduled on Thursday, May 25. 

The hilsa fish for Jamaishashti already reached in the main market of the state. The mother-in-law will welcome the son-in-law with hilsa of Chandpur. However, the price of hilsa has sky rocketed. 

Talking to a trader in Battala market in Agartala it is known that a large amount of hilsa fish has come to the market this year. However, the price has been determined based on the weight of the fish.

A trader said that hilsa fish is being sold from Rs 1200 to Rs 1500 per kilo. On Wednesday, it was seen that many buyers are already at the market and uying hilsa fish. 

“We are buying fish in advance and will keep it in the fridge . There is high demand of Hilsa in the market” said a businessman of Battala Market.

Meanwhile Tripura Apex Fishery Cooperative Society inaugurated branch to get fish at low cost in at Jamai Shasthi.

Fisheries Minister Sudhanshu Das inaugurated this sales center in the capital’s Maharajganj market. 

The minister said that fish will be sold at a low price.  1 kg to 1 kg 200 grams of Hilsa will sell for Rs 1070. 800 grams to 1 kg of hilsa will be sold at Rs 970. Also, large cuttle fish weighing 10 kg to 25 kg will be sold at Rs 370 per kg. 

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