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Tripura Human Right Organisation Condemns Eviction Of Minority Families

Tripura Human Right Organisation (THRO) strongly protests and condemns the inhumane bulldozer eviction of a number of poor and helpless religious minority families in Raiyabari village of Udaipur in Gomati District.

In a statement, THRO Secretary Sr Advocate Purusuttam Roy Barman demands to pay urgent adequate compensation and considers the resettlement of the displaced and distressed residents who had been dwelling there for two and a half decades together.

“It seems, there is no limit to the suffering and humiliation of a num- ber of families belonging to the religious minorities living in the Raiyabari locality of Udaipur subdivision under Gomati District. Once again they have been displaced from their houses. In fact, these families have been displaced twice within two and a half decades. Once the insurgents executed them and now the state administration” alleged the THRO.

In the statement, the secretary of THRO lambasts the state administration is showing its ugly in- humane face which is akin to illegal state aggression. The state government administration in a merciless manner executed the eviction cum demolition drive using bulldozers and created a panic along with the complete demolition of the houses and belongings.

Citing a reference Secretary THRO said on March 8, 2000, a Roy Commission of Inquiry was formed at the behest of the then State Government to recommend what was to be done for the rehabilitation of the displaced (by the extremists) people of Raiyabari and those religious minority people were rehabilitated. On the merit of the recommendation made by the Roy Commission, those poor families who were displaced in the gun barrel of extremists were given rehabilitation to reside there through joint forestry partner- ships. Therefore, crumbling down with a bulldozer in a manner without making any alternative arrangement is nothing short to be described as a barbaric inhumane act and a sign of arbitrariness.

Condemning the act of gross human rights violation, THRO secretary Purusuttam Roy Barman urges the state government to provide rehabilitation and adequately compensate them.

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