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Tripura Khet Majur Union Holds Convention On 28 Point Demands

Tripura Khet Majur Union holds a convention on Monday on the basis of 28 point demands. Speaking in the Convention former MP and leader of the Union, Shankar Prasad Dutta said that:

“People are angry about BJP’s anti-people policies. Because BJP’s policy is to work for the interest of the rich, not for the poor. This issue should be presented to the people. Only then BJP will be isolated all over the country”

He also said that civility is not just about collecting money and giving receipts. People need to understand the importance of civilization. 

He said that people should form a united movement against this government. Poor people are the most exploited under the present BJP government. So it has been decided to unite the poor people to change the government policy. 

Tripura Farm Labor Union is leading this struggle, Daid Dutta. 

Ratan Das, CPIM West District Secretary and Tripura Farm Labor Union leader, expressed the opinion that the fight will continue. He said the fight will continue in the coming days. He said that this fight is to restore democracy to prevent terror. 

On this day, through the convention, 200 days of work in a year and Rs 600 per day wages in MGNREGZ, Rs 5 lakh to all farm laborers for construction, implementation of Land Acquisition Act 2013 etc demands has been raised. 

Bhanulal Saha, leader of Tripura Farm Labor Union and other leaders were also present in the convention organized at town hall on this day.

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