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Tripura: Khet-Majur Union To Hold Dharna For Daily Wage Rs 600, Pension

The Tripura Khet Majur Union (Farm Labor) to hold a mass sit-in for three hours in the capital on September 26 on several demands of the agricultural workers.

In a press conference on Friday, Secretary of the Union, Shyamal Dey said that the condition of laborers in Tripura is dire. Rampant corruption in REGA revealed in social audit. Our demand is to take legal action against corruption.

“According to the all-India program, workers are also protesting in the state for 200 labor days in a year. For the daily wages Rs 600 . All workers who are aged must get a pension of Rs. 3000” said Union.

Vice President of the Union Bhanulal Saha alleged that according to the law since 2004, four percent of the central budget has to be kept for workers’ families. The current government is reducing it. At present it has brought down to 73 thousand crores which is less than last year. As a result, there is no other option but to take to the streets, hence the mass sit-in on September 26.

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