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Tripura: Mustered Oil In Fair Price Shop Launched By Food Minister

“All ration shops in the state will provide mustard oil in subsidized rate before Diwali” Minister Sushanta Chowdhury said this while launching the supply of mustard oil at ration shop number 61 adjacent to Meher Kalibari on Pragati Road on Friday.

He said that for the first time in the state, the state government had announced the provision of mustard oil in subsidized rate through government fair price shops. Then the government subsidized the rate by Rs 15 even after the tender according to the administrative rules. By doing this, arrangements are made to provide mustard oil at the rate of Rs 113. 9 lakh 70 thousand card holders of the state will directly get benefit from this.

He said, ration items, mustard oil and canvas bags are handed over to the consumers.

The minister said that an attempt was made to create confusion among the people of the state regarding this mustard oil. This attempt was made by political motives.

The number of ration shops under Sadar subdivision is 265. Distribution of mustard oil through 95 ration shops has started on the first day.

The minister said that the mustard oil distribution program will be started in 2056 ration shops by Diwali. The promises made by the state government will be fulfilled.

This program will be started in the ration shops of Jirania, Mohanpur, Bishalgarh in the next few days. Minister Sushant Chowdhury said that people have understood the conspiracy that took place during Puja to tarnish the government.

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