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Tripura Opposition Leader Criticizes Govt Over Increased Power Tariff, Property Tax

After a lot of things happened in the last few months including electricity tariff hike, Agartala Pur Nigam imposition of Property tax on residents, hawker eviction drive from the city, PAN card and Aadhaar card linking scheme to cut pocket money by Rs 1000, at last leader of the opposition Animesh Debbarma finally reacts.

On Sunday he held a press conference and raised these issues one by one to the media and protested and expressed regret for the people. 

But he did not announce any movement on behalf of the main opposition party. 

He held a press conference in the assembly and said that the government has increased the electricity tariff even though it could not provide electricity service to the people properly. 

Regarding this issue, he said in a tone of protest that load shedding is going on in urban areas. There are not enough vehicles in the offices of TSECL to improve the condition of rural areas. 

Referring to his Assembly constituency Asarambari, he said that once the power goes out, it takes three to four days to restore the power. Therefore, he claimed that it is necessary to give importance to how to properly serve the people without increasing the electricity tariff.

He said that the minister is only saying that he will make Tripura drug free. But the opposition parties are not getting any hope from them about how to make Tripura drug free. If the government really wants to make drug free Tripura, then there is a need to look into what kind of drugs are being administered in the drug free centers. So, it is not enough to just say words.

He expressed the hope that necessary steps should be taken to build a drug-free Tripura. 

Regarding the eviction of small traders in the Agartala Municipal Corporation area, he said that such activity is very inhumane before Durga Puja. 

He raised questions to the AMC about how there was no mercy for these small businessmen. Because city Agartala is a commercial city. 

He claimed that before Durga Puja, everyone wants to meet the needs of the family by doing business in this city. 

He expressed his regret that the tyranny of money is going on before Durga Puja. 

He witnessed even MPs security cars being stopped . From his own experience, he said the government to stop pressure for Chanda.

“How many people have been arrested so far also in such matter” he asked. 

Claiming that he has seen this kind of extortion for the first time this year. Regarding property tax, he said the mayor is saying property has not increased. But again, property tax has increased like this. 

And the opposition party leader expressed doubts about whether this is Swachh Tripura. He also said linking Aadhaar card with PAN card may be necessary. But people’s pockets are being cut by Rs 1000 . If the state government wanted, it could have demanded from Delhi for annexation with twenty to fifty rupees instead of Rs 1000 . He said that the government is not doing anything.

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