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Tripura: Pay Package Of NHM Doctors, Employees Increased

Salaries and allowances of National Health Mission staff have been increased. Health Department Secretary, Government of Tripura Debashish Basu informed this in a press conference.

He said that the government had taken initiative to increase the salary of National Health Mission employees even before the elections in the state. But this matter was postponed for the election. Finally, after the by-elections, the governing committee meeting was held and the salary and allowances of the National Health Mission staff are increased.

Elaborating, Health Department Secretary Debashish Basu said there is a difference in salary between National Health Mission staff and government staff. 

He also said that there was a disparity in this salary even in districts. NHM workers in all districts did not have equal pay and allowances. So far the basic salary of the workers was very low, he said. 

Health department secretary Debashish Basu said that measures have been taken to ensure that different old and experienced workers get equal pay. 

He also said that the lowest salary has also been increased. The basic salary of the lowest paid NHM workers was Rs 9,500, which has been increased to Rs 20,000. The salary of those working for more than 10 years was Rs 21020, It has been increased to Rs 32605 . 

The basic salary of dental surgeons was Rs 20 thousand , now it is Rs 35 thousand . Those who have 15 years of experience, the salary was Rs 44133, they will get Rs 72762 at present. 

Also other employees have been enhanced in salary allowances depending on their skill and category.

Health Secretary Debashish Bose thanked the government for this initiative. He said that it has been possible to reduce the salary gap between government employees and National Health Mission workers.

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