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Tripura: Police Charged Lathi On Unemployeds Demanding Job. Hospitalized

STGT pass job aspirants who gheraoed the residence of the education minister Ratan Lal Nath demanding recruitment several of them are now admitted in the hospital due to police action.

“The so-called law minister did not think for once to throw the job-seeking youths on the streets and make them bleed” alleged the job aspirants. 

According to the report the job aspirants protested in front of the Education Minister’s residence once again on Monday demanding that all those who passed the STGT in 2022 must be appointed together. 

They started protesting by sitting on the road. 

“We have been going door to door since from the last three months at the house of Finance Minister and Education Minister with the same demand. We are being ignored. Not being addressed. Every school has shortage of class IX and X teachers. But STGT is not recruiting. We will continue our protest until their demands are met” told the job aspiramts.

Then the education minister got stuck in his residence due to the protest. 

Later, the situation became more heated when the police tried to remove the protesters by order of minister who were sitting on the streets.

Then the police decided to arrest them. And by this time the minister came out of the residence. The youth brought momentum to the protest. 

Then Education Minister and Law Minister Ratan Lal Nath threatened the police and said that they could not go in for deputation and say anything, why were they sent! 

Seeing the minister’s loss of temper, the police officers panicked.

At last they began to charge violently with lathi to remove them from the road. 

Many young men and women were seriously injured when they fell on the side of the road. 

Even pregnant women and young people with kidney disease were not spared. 

Pregnant woman allegedly beaten by CRPF. Many young men and women were arrested by the police. 

In the end, the common people extended their hand to help the injured. Sent to hospital. 

A young man who is looking for a job said that the minister is saying that the current government is a government with money. Then why unemployed youths have to sit on the streets for jobs. No recruitment is being undertaken. So they alleged that there is a discrepancy between the minister’s words and reality. 

And they also say that in this way, the current government can bring quality education in the state? 

They warned that if recruitment is not done immediately, they will sit on the streets with their families.

47 people were seriously injured due to police action . Out of this, three of them have broken their hands and two have broken their legs, said the job-seeking youth. 

Even the police inhumanely arrested many injured youths without bringing them to the hospital and took them to the AD Nagar Police Complex. 

Meanwhile, CPIM state secretary Jitendra Chowdhury went to the hospital and inquired about the physical condition of the injured. 

He talked to doctors and health workers. He said that the District Magistrate could not have come and brought the situation under control. There was no need to inhumanely attack them with the police. So this government is barbaric, Nothing to say but inhumane and inhumane. 

“Five years ago, they came in power of the state cheating the unemployed youths. Now they are harassing the youths . The people of the state will not tolerate it.  With this government, the future of the youth of the state is in dark” said Choudhury.

Jitendra Chowdhury expressed the opinion that they will leave the state someday after making crores of rupees by spreading drugs. 

Mr. Chowdhury also demanded that immediate action be taken against the police officers who are involved in such incidents.

On the other hand Congress leader Ashish Kumar Saha also rushed to the spot. He strongly criticized the incident saying it was a barbaric nationalist attack. And the Congress strongly condemned this odious politics and deception. In this way, the attack on the unemployed by the police is not only frustrating but also endangering the lives of the unemployed. 

Saha also assured that the job aspirants will be given all kinds of support in the coming days.

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