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Tripura: Pratima Bhowmik Resigned From Dhanpur Constituency

Dhanpur’s winning candidate in Tripura Assembly polls Pratima Bhowmik resigned before taking oath. 

She won from Dhanpur Assembly constituency in the recently concluded assembly elections. 

But 14 days after the results were announced on March 2, She handed over his resignation letter to Protem Speaker Binoy Bhushan Das.

Pratima Bhowmik, the winning candidate of Dhanpur, went to the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday and handed over the resignation letter to the Protem Speaker.

 According to the party decision, she will handle the duties as the Union Minister of State instead of being the MLA. 

It is an unfortunate thing for the people of Dhanpur. High profile leader Pratima Bhowmik won this seat with many hopes. 

The people of Dhanpur, who are prone to emotions, may not have thought that such incidents would come to the fore within 14 days of the results. 

Because Pratima Bhowmik showed many dreams to people in Dhanpur by becoming a candidate to fight in the elections. 

But no one could have thought that She would resign with empty hands. So it became clear once again on Wednesday that re-election is going to be held in this assembly constituency. 

The former deputy chief minister Jishnu Debbarma who lost from Charilam constituency may contest from this seat, said the source close to BJP.

According to the constitutional rules, one cannot hold two posts at the same time. Therefore, She resigned as a member of Legislative Assembly from Dhanpur. However she assured the people of Dhanpur that she would fulfill the promises she had made before the election standing by the government. 

However, many people questions whether Pratima Bhowmik and her party were not informed about the parliamentary rules? Or is she and her nationalist party saying now that she cannot be members of two positions and making people stupid? 

Pratima Bhowmik has resigned from the post of MLA as the Protem Speaker said that she cannot hold two memberships at the same time. Pratima Bhowmik’s resignation letter has been accepted. 

It was a challenge to wrest the Dhanpur assembly seat from the Left in the 23rd assembly elections. Pratima Bhowmik won by facing that challenge. She received a total of 19,148 votes. On the other hand, Left candidate Kaushik Chanda got 15,648 votes. 

Pratima Bhowmik won as MLA by a margin of about 3,500 votes. This victory is due to vote dividing. But the latest thing is that in state politics, only “game of child” is going on.

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