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Tripura: Price Of Air Tickets Raising Ahead Of Durga Puja

The price of air tickets in Agartala route is becoming more and more expensive ahead of the durga puja. The first day of Durga Puja on October 21 is Saptami. Since two days before that, the price of air tickets on both sides of Agartala-Kolkata route has been abnormal.

During Puja, many people go out of state for travel. Again, residents of the state who are studying for higher education, who work in public and private institutions, come back at home during Puja. Come to spend holidays and enjoy the joy of Puja.

But the airlines have kept the ticket prices very expensive knowing that there will be a lot of passengers during this time. Now everyone is in great trouble while getting tickets. Two or three days before Puja, the ticket from Calcutta to Agartala already sold on Sunday for rupees seven thousand for any day. Again tickets sold in Rupees 6500 for any day.

The ticket prices are so high from Calcutta to Agartala during the puja time, so the passengers are in trouble while getting the tickets. Indigo and Air India flights are operating on the Agartala-Kolkata route. Air India operates only two 145-seat Airbuses daily on this route. IndiGo has eight 180 seater Airbuses daily on this route.

People of the state are forced to travel by air because of the short time travel by air. Many patients outside the state go by air every day for better treatment. People also go by air for important work. But due to the high cost of air tickets, they are suffering daily. 

The number of flights is also not increasing as no new airline is operating in the Agartala sector. On aviation turbine fuel GST was reduced in a jump from sixteen percent to one percent by the state government. The cost of aviation turbine fuel is much lower than many other airports. 

Airplanes are flying with cheap fuel, but passenger fares are not going down. 

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