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Tripura Rubber Labor Union Placed Deputation On 10 Point Demands

On Friday, Tripura Rubber Labor Union, State Committee placed a deputation to the Managing Director of TFDPC on ten-point demands.

They placed this deputation by through a rally started from Circuit House.

The demands of the Tripura Rubber labor union are that 12% bonus should be paid to the working rubber labors 15 days before Durga Puja, increasing the wages of rubber workers based on the current price index, announcing a special package to the central government to protect the workers and small farmers from the crisis in the rubber industry, announcing the cancellation of the Indo-ASEAN Agreement. Industrial plants should be set up within the State to utilize the raw rubber produced in the State, with emphasis on re-grading plantations to be implemented in the presence of workers.

“Effective measures must be taken to stop illegal encroachment and destruction of TFDC gardens. According to the decision of the government, the work of rubber wood factory of TFDPC should be completed quickly. Government should take role in arranging latex rubber at subsidized price from small rubber farmers” said the union.
“Moreover, from the year 2018, workers laid off due to terror in various rubber plantations should take an effective role in rehabilitating their work and pay dues” added the Union.

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