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Tripura: Sanitation workers Of District Hospital On Strike Demanding Pay Hike

Sanitation workers working at Shantirbazar South District Hospital have launched the strike movement for an indefinite period demanding settlement of unjust dues and increase in wages.

 A total of 13 cleaning workers are working under NABS Company in Shantirbazar South District Hospital. 

Out of 13, two are male and the remaining 11 are female sanitation workers.

Their complaint is that while joining the job, they were told that the salary would be increased every year. 

But after working for four long years, their salary was increased by Rs 1,000 last year. Currently they earn Rs 5 thousand per month. 

But this money is also not paid on time. They also said that at present it is not possible to run a family with Rs 5 thousand.

So they demand that their salary must be increased. And their salary should be settled by 10th of every month. 

They also said that it is impossible to clean the entire district hospital with 13 workers. So the number of cleaning staff should be increased. 

Keeping these demands in front, they have started an indefinite strike from Tuesday. 

They also said that they will continue their agitation until their demands are met. 

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