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Tripura: Self-Styled RSS Leader Arrested For Job Cheating

A government employee has been arrested for extorting money in the name of giving a job. The employee named Tapan Naha identified himself as an RSS leader in the area.

The so-called leader was forced to be arrested by the police under the wrath of the creditors.

The incident happened in Khilpara Amtala area under Radha Kishorpur police station Udaipur under Gomati District.

Animal Resource Development Department employee Tapan Naha. He is accused of embezzling five and a half lakh rupees in the name of giving a government job.

The police arrested him from his house in Amtala area .

Due to posting of his job he met some people of Shantirbazar area. Three years ago, he grabbed Rs 5 lakh 40 thousand from five people in the name of providing government jobs.

Realizing his deception, the duped began to press for the return of the money. Under pressure, Tapan Naha gave five Punjab National Bank checks to five people.

When they went to Shantirbazar Bank with that cheque, it was found that he had only Rs 96 in his account. Enraged by this, the people of Shantirbazar area attacked Tapan Naha’s house in Amtala area on Friday.

His wife admitted that she knew about the money being taken.

According to local sources, the so-called RSS leader Tapan Naha has also collected money from many people of Udaipur by using political influence to provide jobs.

On behalf of the local residents, the information given to the Radhakishorpur police station. Police rushed to the spot. The police arrested the accused and took him to the police station.

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