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Tripura To Host Bangladesh-India-Japan Tripartite Conference

Bangladesh, India and Japan will participate in a tripartite conference in Tripura on April 11-12 to promote regional connectivity.

The main objective of the meeting is to discuss the commercial potential of the region by using the regional communication system.

The Economic Times newspaper of India reported this news.

The event conference to be organized by Asian Confluence, a research institute based in the northeastern region of India.

According to the Economic Times, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh and India, the Chief Minister of Tripura and a senior diplomat of Japan assigned to India will participate in the conference.

According to Economic Times, apart from investing in the construction of a deep sea port in Bangladesh’s Matarbari, Japan has also invested in Bangladesh and the northeastern region of India.

Matarbari will connect the landlocked north-eastern part of India with the Bay of Bengal through a deep sea port.

Asian Confluence recently conducted a survey. In the report, they said, Northeast India and Bangladesh should give importance to the development of multi-modal communication system.

This will not only increase the competitiveness of the region, but it will also help to bridge the gap in the development of the region which is lagging behind other regions of India.

The survey report also said that India-Bangladesh should work towards one aim in facilitating trade.

Roads suitable for vehicular traffic should be constructed quickly to facilitate the transportation of goods from the north-eastern region to the port in Chittagong.

Apart from this, Asian Confluence has suggested the establishment of Japan-North East India Chamber to attract Japanese investment in North East India.

Along with that, they talked about establishing the desired leadership in business by establishing the India-Bangladesh-Japan CEO Forum.

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