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TSECL Is In Loss Due To Huge Corruption: Congress

Tripura Pradesh Congress president Ashish Kumar Saha strongly opposed the increase in the electricity tariff, increase in the property tax and finally the eviction of hawkers in the AMC areas.

Addressing a press conference at the Congress Bhavan at Post Office Chowmuhani on Sunday he said:

“Misrule is going on in the state in the name of good governance. The Agartala Municipal Corporation and the state government have created a chaotic situation in Agartala city by increasing property tax and electricity charges ahead of Sharadotsav . It is the dictatorship of the current government”” 

“The Pradesh Congress is going to start a movement against this in the coming days”

“Tripura Electricity Corporation is selling electricity outside the state without keeping the power system of the state operational during peak hours in the power surplus state. Consumers have to go back to the world of load shedding. There is an additional charge on this. TSECL has gone from profit to loss due to huge corruption”

“The Pradesh Congress demanding an investigation against it. We demanding immediate withdrawal of the increased tariff. Agartala Municipal Corporation has increased the property tax. The Congress strongly opposed it and demanding its withdrawal”.

“AMC continues eviction without making arrangements for rehabilitation. It should stop immediately. We also demanding compensation”. 

“There is no metropolitan city in the country where there are no vendors. So it was not right for the corporation authorities to create such an anarchic situation in the name of cleaning the city. Therefore, the Congress demanding to the corporation authorities to immediately arrange rehabilitation for these small businessmen”

Otherwise, PCC president Ashish Saha warned to organize a strong movement with the people in the coming days. 

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