TSR Jawans Should Bring Back

According to the sources a new terror group is trying to enter inside the state and is looking for an opportunity. Led by Utpal Debbarma this group is well decorated by sophisticated weapons. This group is trying to enter through the Bidyabieel bordering area of Champahaur before Christmas day with different types of weapons and this has made the intelligence officers of the state quite worried. Although the state police administration and local police administration are providing proper security foe 15 hours in all the areas but questions are being raised whether it will be successful or not and weakness lies in the bordering areas. Intelligence officers opined that the miscreants can enter through different boarding areas like Ampi, Jirania, Gandacherra, Belonia Mohanpur and Khowai. There are many boarding areas in khowai hence it is the most unsafe place at present through which the miscreants can enter and specially the culverts of Bidyabeel bordee is in such a place which can be used by the infiltrators to come inside the state. Chachundar Nala of Khengrabari Border in Khowai has two such culverts through which they also can enter easily from Bangladesh. Utpal Debbarma led NLFT consists of 20-22 people, they stay in a place which is 10 – 12 kms away from the Bidyabeel tea garden of Bangladesh and might try to enter inside the state before 25th December as per intelligence sources. They might also target the police officials or security staffs and also the tribes and bon tribes of the bordering areas. When the barbed wire fencing was made in the bordering areas and TSR was deployed things started to become normal. It’s before the ADC election that the terrorist group of utpal debbarma has become active. According to the analysts the TSR of the state are being deployed in other States hence some common are living life without proper security in various areas.

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