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TTAADC Election: NLFT Reviving In Border As Well As In The Hilly Areas

Banned outfit NLFT once again raising in the border areas before TTAADC election. Very recently the extremist group starts circulation of extortion notice. Complain lodged from Patani Burakha, Khumulwang, Khumtia, Takarjala, Jampuijala, Doluma, Chelagang, Mogpara etc ADC areas. According to the IB sources a team of NLFT insurgents are now moving in Briddhibazar, Tuimairang, Roymolshom, Bikram Molshom, Taidu, Jampuijala ADC area. Local sleeper cells are active to help the insurgents before TTAADC election, said the sources. Meanwhile Police arrests at least 10 persons, suspecting in insurgents link in last 5 days from different places of the state.

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