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Unakoti District: ‘Police Inspector Creating Communal Disturbance’ Villagers Filed Written Complaint

A police inspector has been charged with creating communal disturbance. The villagers have also filed a written complaint against the accused inspector to Unakoti District Superintendent of Police Kanta Jahngir.

The incident happened in Dhatuchhara village of Unakoti village under Gaurnagar block. The accused police inspector identified as Mikala Darlong.

This Dhutuchhara village is located in Ward No. 4 of Unakoti ADC Village under Gaurnagar Book. Most of the population of the village belongs to the Halam community. It is also inhabited by Darlong and other communities.

People of Halam, Darlong and other communities have been living together in Dhatuchhara village for a long time. There have been no untoward incidents, communal fights and any unrest in this village for the past forty years.

Villagers complained that Police Inspector Mikala Darlong of Kailashahar police station has been creating disturbance in Dhatuchhara village. There is a lot of anger in the entire village.

Besides, the villagers collectively filed a written complaint against the accused Inspector Mikala Darlong to District Superintendent of Police . The complaint letter has been sent even to the Cabinet Minister Tinku Roy.

On Wednesday, the people of the village called the media and presented the details in front of the camera.

In a written complaint, the villagers said that there was no electricity in the village for two days after the electricity transformer was destroyed on September 22. On behalf of Sai Computer, the private power service provider company in Kailashahar, the villagers were informed that there is no transformer in the office of the company.

After fifteen days, when the transformer machine arrives, the electricity transformer machine will be installed in Dhatuchhara village. Even if electricity service is normalized by repairing the old machine before installing the new transformer machine, thirty to forty families of Dhatuchhara village will be deprived of electricity service. Because, the old machine will not be able to take the electricity load as before. Here lies the danger.

In the area of ​​Dhatuchhara village which is deprived of electricity service, Kailasahar police station inspector Mikala Darlong has a betel orchard and her sister’s house. There is also the residence of people of Darlong community.

Villagers alleged that Mikala Darlong often goes to her betel plantation in Dhatuchhara village and gets angry because he does not get electricity service in the garden and her sister’s house and other houses of Darlang community are deprived of electricity service.

He started misbehaving with the people of the common naive of the Halam community. It is also alleged that entering the houses of the common Halam people he threats the people of the house. The villagers made a more serious complaint that a young man from the Halam community of the village married a girl from the Darlang community of another village and was living happily for the past 5 years.

But Inspector Mikala Darlong is now threatening the wife because she married a boy from the Hallam community.

This has created communal tension in the village. So that the peaceful village is not disturbed in any way, the villagers united and submitted a written complaint against this inspector to the Superintendent of Police of Unakoti district on September 26.

The written complaint letter was also sent to the social welfare department minister Tinku Roy on Wednesday.

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