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Unemployeds Are Being Cheated? Job, Loan From TIDC Under Question Mark

Government crying for the unemployed, but the BJP coalition government is allegedly playing a completely anti-unemployment role.

The door of job is almost closed. A series of cabinet meetings in 2022, ahead of the 2023 assembly elections, lured the unemployed with some jobs.

But even in one case that decision did not go forward at all.

Not only that, in 90 percent cases, even the notification has not been issued.

Loans are not being given to the unemployed youth even from the loan agencies for building industries also.

But from state government ministers to leaders are crying day and night talking about self-reliance projects.

If you look at the official data of the Tripura Industrial Development Corporation for the last three years, it will be clear the actual matter.

TIDC is an important organization. To build small and medium industries Loans are given through TIDC.

According to the data of the financial year 2021-22, no loan has been given by TIDC. If you look at the information given by the Industries Minister in the Assembly, it will be seen that TIDC has not given any type of loan in the financial year 2021-22. Next year in FY 2022-23 only 14 persons have been given loans.

Allegations of massive scams are also circulating within the ruling party itself because out of the 14 persons given by TIDC before the assembly elections, 12 are from Kadamtala thana area of ​​an assembly in Dharmanagar sub-division.

The complaint is against the former chairman and a member of the current cabinet. In the last two financial years, TIDC has given loans to 14 people only of total Rs 1 crore 69 lakh 20 thousand.

There too, more than 85 percent of the money went to Kadamtala area. There are allegations of corruption in this matter.

It has not announced any lending targetsso far this year.

Notably BJP came to power promising to provide 50,000 jobs in the first year, including employment for the unemployed in the state.

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