University Grants Commission Should Be More Empowered

Fake educational institutions take shelter of the courts. They get a stay order from there and they continue to run the education shop as it was. 

It is understandable that they are able to do so because students who are unaware of their legal status keep taking admission in them. By doing this they waste their time and money.

The list of fake universities and higher education institutions has once again been released by the University Grants Commission (UGC). 

According to the list, at present there are 23 such educational institutions in the country, which do not have the right to award degrees. 

UGC has cautioned the students to avoid taking admission in these fake educational institutions. 

UGC does this work every year, but fake educational institutions are not taking the name of ending their business. 

Many of them are such that they put a university in front of their name. Some are such that they have been operating for decades. 

It is clear that the University Grants Commission has failed to rein them in. A big proof of this failure is that many fake universities are running right under his nose i.e. even in the country’s capital Delhi.

In fact the UGC is limited to issuing a list of fake universities. Usually it asks the state governments to take action against such universities, but they too can’t do anything against them. 

Can’t because fake educational institutions take shelter of the courts. They get a stay order from there and they continue to run the education shop as before. 

It is not right that fake universities defy the whole system and continue to cheat the students and ruin their future. They should be stopped from doing this work at all cost. 

For this, if necessary, UGC should be given more powers. There is no justification for this that anywhere in the country educational institutions continue to operate by ignoring the standards. 

After all, what does it mean that the UGC continues to fulfill its duty by issuing a list of fake educational institutions every year? 

It would be appropriate that the Union Ministry of Education should seriously consider with the states how to get rid of fake educational institutions?

At a time when efforts are being made to improve education through the new education policy, the continued existence of fake educational institutions is surprising and disturbing. Along with getting rid of fake educational institutions, there is also a need to consider how to improve those educational institutions, which are recognized, but their functioning is playing with the future of the students. These educational institutions, which also have many universities, are not known for teaching, but for irregularity and all kinds of educational anarchy.

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